Sunday, November 30, 2008

Madagascar 2: Escape 2 Africa

I like to MOVE IT MOVE IT!!!

It's a catchy song. It grabs the attention of kids of all ages, and sticks in the brains of us parents. With the words smack dab on the front of the poster, you'd think you'd hear that beloved song a little more, but unfortunately, you don't.

That is not to say that this movie disappoints. It isn't as good as the first, but rarely a sequel stands up to the mastery of the original. You do, however, see a little more personality of the monkeys, and more crazy penguin antics, which are always fun.

I love those penguins.

There are several good things about this movie; there are a lot of laughs that can be had, a few lessons to be learned, and even a few touching moments. It's good for all ages; even parents will enjoy it.

You learn the origins of Alex, the lion, and how he came to New York. You meet his parents and a huge hippo named Moto Moto. Melmen becomes a medicine man.

It is very much worth the watch. I give this movie four stars:
Check it out on the IMDB: .
And until next time, happy movie watching. :)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


A movie where your reflection is evil.

The trailers looked great. I couldn't wait to see this movie. And I wasn't dissappointed.

I am a horror movie junkie. It's not often you get to see a really good horror flick. Sure, slasher films are a dime a dozen, blood and gore are everywhere. But give me a good horror movie with a good storyline and I'm hooked...

Mirrors had a great storyline. And the gore scenes, even though there could have been more for my taste, were great. In my favorite scene, a woman rips her jaw right off of her face.

Kiefer Sutherland plays Ben, a former dective running from his "demons" and trying to piece his life back together. He gets a job as a night watchman and the horror begins.

I recommend you see this movie. It is a good ride. Check it out on the IMDB:

I give Mirrors 4 stars: because the movie did pretty much, well, ROCK!

Until next time, dear readers... Happy movie watching!!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Tropic Thunder

Hello again, dear readers. I am quite sorry that it has been awhile since my last review, I had the opportunity to take a much needed vacation. I want to make sure you know that this is not a frequently occurring thing; there will be reviews, news, and posts on this blog at least 3 times a week, more if life allows.

So, now that that is out of the way, on to the review!!
As you can tell from my previous blog post, Seems Promising..., I had high hopes for this movie. I am a huge fan of Jack Black and Ben Stiller and pretty much thought that anything these two would star in together would be hilarious. Add Robert Downey Jr. playing a white man who is playing a black man to the picture, and I pretty much thought the laughs would come in spades...

Alas, I was disappointed. Tropic Thunder is a movie filled with testosterone and low brow jokes. It even goes a little too far by making fun of retarded people.. There was an article in the Washington Post asking readers to ban this movie for that reason... Here's the link: .

There is some comedy to be found in this movie, just not too much. Sure, there are a lot of people who will look at it different than I do. Personally, however, I didn't think this was that good of a comedy...

I give Tropic Thunder 1 star: because honestly, this could have been done so much better. These actors are of more caliber than that...

Check it out on the IMDB: .

And until next time, happy viewing! :)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Do you want to see a movie that keeps you watching? How about take a look into a father's mind? Check out Taken.

I watched this movie thinking that it wouldn't be all that good. Liam Neeson, in my opinion, is a good actor; but not great. I must say, I was proven wrong.

Mr. Neeson shows his propensity for greatness in this movie. He plays a father willing to go to the ends of the earth to find and rescue his kidnapped daughter. He portrays the emotions of a father on a mission so well it's believable. One tends to think they're looking in on someone else's life...

Not to say the story itself isn't far fetched: the dad just happens to be an ex-CIA agent. But somehow, whether it's the director, the actors, the story, or just the overall tone of the movie itself, it is believable.

I highly recommend you check this out. It is very much worth it.

I give Taken 5 stars: because the ride it took me on was absolutely exhilarating.

Check it out on the IMDB:
And until next time: happy viewing!! :)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

RIP Bernie Mac

"I came from a place where there wasn't a lot of joy," ... "I decided to try to make other people laugh when there wasn't a lot of things to laugh about."

The world of comedy mourns it's fallen king. Saturday, August 9, 2008, was a very, very sad day. Bernard Jeffrey McCullough, a.k.a. Bernie Mac, died that day of pneumonia.

Bernie Mac is survived by his wife, Rhonda, and daughter, Je'Niece Childress. reported that his wife begged him to live, "Don't leave me," she implored as she sat by his bedside...

Mac was born in Chicago, in a pretty rough neighborhood, and lived in a house with his very big family. He became a professional comedian in 1977, at the age of 19. Since Mac refused to change what he stood for, he wasn't very widely accepted and therefore wasn't well known for most of the 80's.

In 1992 he made his silver screen debut in Mo' Money, playing the small part of a club doorman. His next movie was Who's The Man? where he played the character G-George. Since then he has been an icon in comedy films, playing in high grossing films such as The Transformers and Ocean's 11, 12, and 13.

Mr. Mac was also considered one of the Original Kings of Comedy{2000} along with Steve Harvey, D.L. Hughley, and Cedric the Entertainer.

At least his spirit still lives on in the movies he played in and the TV shows he starred in. If we ever get a craving for a good Bernie Mac laugh, we can just find a rerun of The Bernie Mac Show or check out one of his many hilarious movies.

Bernie Mac, the world is much more empty without you.......

Friday, August 8, 2008

Step Brothers

Have you ever sat down to watch a movie totally thinking that this would be a good one? Have you ever read reviews, horrible reviews, and thought, "the critics were probably too hard on it... It's gotta be good, it's Will Ferrell?" I did.

No movie has disappointed me more {well, maybe Kill Switch} and made me feel that not only did I waste my time completely but I felt that I was STUPIDER for seeing it. It was more than a disappointment; it was a slap in the face.

Will Ferrell is usually such a funny guy that one would think everything he does will be filled with laughs. This is not so in Step Brothers. It's not John C. Reilly, he does a good job with his part; it's the movie as a whole. It stinks.

Basically, two 40ish guys still live with their parents. Their parents get married. They move in together. The "men" act like 5 year olds... And the movie goes forward. It makes me wonder if there are really men out there who act like this; totally immature, self centered idiots. I mean, these characters still found it necessary to ask permission from their parents to do things. Amazingly dumb...

I hate to say it, folks, but this movie is Terrible with a capital T. Please don't waste money on it, unless of course you like a movie leaving you feeling dumber than you were before you walked into a theatre. Shoot, don't even waste time. It is REALLY not worth it.

I give Step Brothers one star and one pathetic star: because it's bad. It gets one good star because, well, it's still Will Ferrell...

Check it out on the IMDB:

Until next time, happy viewing, and good luck... :)

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Get to Know Sour Orange... Why I Love Movies

I love movies. It's a passion of mine. Nothing helps me to escape reality more than a good movie. Sometimes, a good movie can bring me closer to reality. Movies are like that; they touch you if written well enough.

I love movies for so many reasons. There are the memorable moments:

you know, those moments you see in a particularly great movie that just stick with you for hours after the film is over.

Then there are the moments in movies that just make you crack up, laugh, and sometimes squirt Pepsi out of your nose:

you know, those crack me up, make me go nuts, belly hurt from laughter moments...

And let's not forget the moments that bring tears to your eyes:

happy tears or sad tears, those moments seem to be so powerful that they provoke a significant response from your core being...

And then, my favorite movie moment of all, those moments that scare the crap out of you:

moments that make you freak out at the littlest sound outside your window; images that haunt your dreams...

The greatest movies have at least two of these moments, in my humble opinion. Make me laugh and cry in the same film and you have yourself a lifetime fan.

Movies are made up of a series of moments. Just like life. However, in the end, I think that most of us watch movies just to get out of our own life now and then. Take us away from our reality and be whisked away into a land much different than the one we know and love...

So, why do I love movies? I love movies for the moments. I love movies because I like to take a vacation from reality, even if it is only for an hour or two, once in awhile. Movies do that for me. And I hope they do the same for you.

So, why do YOU love movies??